Our Rights

There are some people who believe that they are law abiding citizens and they are fair people. Yet, they are quick to deny a group or individual the right to express their belief. The Constitution gives everyone the right of expression and freedom of religion. 

We believe that our message comes from God. Those who deny us this right will have to answer to God in this world and on the Judgment Day and they might have to deal with a lawsuit because our attorneys are looking at the responses when people deny us the right to present our belief.


Whitney Houston presents in her life that she was a child of God, yet people who served God in the Bible never spent their time entertaining the people of the world. They spent their time defending God’s Word because the devil is trying to destroy the truth of God by setting up people in false religions who are saying they are the people of God. All we want to do is to give people an opportunity to see things in a spiritual way.