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Most people wonder why there is so much violence and evil in the world. There is a Prophet of God who will tell the people the truth; not for money, fame or glory. Here is a message from the Prophet of God. 

Satan is the enemy of God and he and all of his followers have set up thousands of false religions tricking the people. And he gets people like the man from Las Vegas who shot up lots of people and killed them and wounded them. People say 'why did he do it?' It is because he had the bad spirit of Satan in him. 

The bad spirit of Satan works in the hearts and minds of people. He wants to bring heartache and sorrow on mankind so they will blame God. Jesus said "my kingdom is not of this world." This world is under the power of Satan. Here are some pictures that the Prophet goes out to bring the message warning the people. The people will not listen but The Word must continue on. Tune in to hear more of the Truth of God.