About Us

Many people will be very surprised when they see our message. God blessed us with the understanding of his Word. If you are upset, you are upset with what God has done. God is so displeased with the people of the world as it says in

Zechariah 1:15, 

And I am very sore displeased with   the heathen that are at ease:”

The people of this world have changed the truth of God into lies, as it says in

Romans 1:25 

“Who changed the truth of God into a   lie, and worshipped and served the   creature more than the Creator,   who is blessed for ever. Amen.” 

That creature is talking about Satan. It’s not that the Bible is lies, what the people say the Bible says is lies. What the religions of this world teach is the work of Satan, lies. The main thing that the religions of this world do is to twist and distort the truth of God.

The people of this world are cursed. That’s why there are so many hospitals loaded with people especially the white people. They are the ones who set up most of the false religions. They are the ones who come up with Easter, Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving. There is not one scripture in the Bible that true Christians ever did that.

 The white people encourage the rest of the people to do these ungodly things like baptizing babies, praying to statues and worshipping the dead. They are full of racism and hatred and they have a nerve to tell lies saying everyone in the Bible was white. They are so cursed, look at all the white children with such terrible diseases.

 Take a stroll in the nearest hospital and you will see the white people with such terrible diseases. They are the ones who will quickly denounce this message. They are the ones who believe in evolution. Many of them will say there is no God at all.

Look what happened during WWII, 6 million white people pretended they were Jewish people and God’s people and look what happened to them. They were gassed and destroyed. If they were so right with God why didn’t God come to their rescue?  

It’s a shame they are tricking the whole world with their madness. They think they’re so superior because they’re white. Yet, they can’t even go outdoors in the beautiful sunlight without getting burnt. They’re also very ashamed of the color they are because they spend billions of dollars trying to get brown.

They come up with all these movies and plays based on lies. They also are the leaders of the space program; spending billions and billions of dollars on this foolishness. They are not going anywhere but in the lake of fire.

Tune in next week as I continue exposing the works of Satan and the works of mankind.