Martin Luther King

Today is the day they honor Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King’s life was about dealing with the problems of mankind; racism and hatred. Jesus’ work, in the Bible, never mentioned racism. Jesus did not send his disciples out to preach against racism. 

Martin Luther King was honored because he wanted to teach people that the evilness of mankind can be dealt with passing laws, people changing their hearts, where the white man feels that he is superior than all other human beings.


Jesus came into the world to deal with something totally different which Martin Luther King never addressed, the bad spirit Satan. Everybody who is born in this world is born with the spirit of Satan. That’s why the Bible says you have to be born again. As it says in 

Acts 26:18

To open their eyes, and to turn them   from darkness to light, and from   the  power of Satan unto God,


The world is under the power of Satan and he tricks mankind by getting people to believe that his spirit is not in people. One of Jesus’ main works was to cast the devils out of people. He gave that power to his disciples. Only a man from God can cast out the bad spirit. 

Martin Luther King never talked about casting devils out. He was more concerned about discrimination, lunch counters, jobs, but all this pertains to Satan. What advantage does a person have sitting at a lunch counter with white folks and still have devils in them?


If Martin Luther King had been a true man of God he would have encouraged people that they got to get the devils out of them. Martin Luther King wanted to serve mankind. The Bible says you can’t and be of God. As it says in

Galatians 1:10,

For do I now persuade men, or    God? or do I seek to please men?   for if I yet pleased men, I should   not be the servant of Christ.


Yes, Martin Luther King got the glory of man, but if he had been blessed by God and serving God he would not have been shot down by some lunatic. Most people will hate what we’re saying but it’s a shame that people believe Martin Luther King was a man of God thereby saying that God was powerless to protect Martin Luther King. If you want to believe that Martin Luther King was a man of God then you are believing that God let his man down.


We believe that Martin Luther King and all the people of the world have been deceived by Satan. As it says in 

Revelations 12:9, 

Satan, which deceiveth the whole   world: 

And he would allow Martin Luther King to be killed so people would look negatively at God. The devil does it all the time, wiping out people’s lives so people will be mad at God.  Why didn’t people blame the devil? Remember the story of Job. It was the devil who wiped out Job’s family yet Job’s wife blamed God.