The Prophet speaks Part I

The Prophet Speaks: 

The Bible says in 

Revelations 12:12, 

"Woe to the inhabiters of the earth      and of the sea! for the devil is come      down unto you, having great wrath,      because he knoweth that he hath     but a short time." 

The people of this world are not aware that this whole world is under the power of Satan. And Satan wants to create havoc in this world so people will blame God. Jesus said in 

John 18:36,

"My kingdom is not of this world:"

When you reject the truth of God, you are accepting Satan's world. A world of evil and wickedness and lies.


Satan also has the power over the weather. Like he did with Job in the Bible, he caused the weather to destroy his house. The devil has the power over people’s bodies. He can create sickness and diseases. There are thousands of hospitals that are filled with people who have been afflicted by the devil. 

One of the principle things that Jesus did is to confront the devil and to cast out devils out of people. People are not aware that when they were born in the world they were born with the spirit of Satan in them.
 The true Gospel gives people a chance to get the devil cast out but the false ministers will not tell you this because they want to glorify themselves with their fancy outfits on and fancy speeches while you give them your money. Billions and billions of dollars are collected every year because people believe in the lies which makes them feel good and they give up their money. I have been on the radio for 40 years and I haven’t collected one penny telling people the truth.