The World's Thanksgiving

The people of this world talk about Thanksgiving. How can you give thanks to God when you do not know who God is? Neither do you know what God wants. What people are doing is doing something for themselves, a turkey dinner.

The people of this world are all born with the spirit of this world, which is the spirit of Satan. No one in the Bible ever celebrated a day called Thanksgiving or even a day like that where you worship God one day out of the year.

The Bible says that God will not hear the prayers of the people of the world. You choose to believe in what your false ministers teach rather than what the Bible teaches. 

A person has to first get the devil out of them before they can receive the Spirit of God but the false religions will never tell you that because that will make you feel bad to know you were born with the spirit of Satan. And you will not give money to people who will tell you that.

People are so phony they are more into doing what they want than what God wants. God wants people to be sincere and to seek his truth with their whole heart and not go along with the crowd. People believe in lies so much that they will reject the truth when it comes. 

So your day of giving thanks is a day of giving thanks to Satan because he is your god. When you pray before that turkey that turkey represents Satan and in the end you will be judged because you did not have a love for the truth of God and you went along with the crowd. Like Jesus said in 

Matthew 7:13,

"13 wide is the gate, and broad is   the way, that leadeth to destruction,   and many there be which go in   thereat:

    14 Because strait is the gate, and   narrow is the way, which leadeth   unto life, and few there be that find   it."

Keep listening to the Prophet because he will tell you the truth free of charge. He will make you feel bad because you are phony but if you are sincere then you will be glad. Tune in soon to hear the message about Christmas.