Does gay marriage really matter?

People are so concerned about what they want but they are not concerned about what God wants. God wants you to know that when you were born in this world you were born with the spirit of Satan. 

The devil is the god of this world and all this foolishness that is going on in this world like abortions, murder, envy, jealousy, discrimination, hatred, sicknesses, disease, riches, poverty, is all the work of the devil, even this gay marriage that people are so riled up about. No one in the Bible was gay. 

So we can see that people are into themselves and not seeking what God wants. Satan set up thousands of false religions, and we, with the truth, go out and attack the liars and deceivers because the false ministers are the most wicked people on the earth. They misquote  scriptures to make money. On the Judgment Day they are all going to burn in hell.