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Jesus came into this world to tell the people the Truth but instead of people rejoicing in having the Word of God, they have taken the Word of God and added to it the things they do not understand. They tell things that are not in the Bible. Now, here comes a man who is telling people that he knows the story of God. But does he know the Truth of God? 

You cannot get to the Truth of God by going to some school of theology. You cannot get the Truth of God by just reading the Bible. The Truth of God comes by the Spirit of God and God reveals the Truth through his Spirit. There are only a very few people who have the Spirit of God. One of the Truths of God is that all people are born with the spirit of Satan.

One of the main things that Jesus did when he was in the world was to rebuke the religious leaders-in the 23rd chapter of St. Matthew. The religious leaders of this world never talk about this. Religious leaders refuse to tell people what the Bible says. The most dangerous people on this earth are religious leaders who have been chosen by men. They set up their religions and make billions of dollars every Sunday, tricking the people.

They read scriptures out of context then they present things that are not according to the scriptures. The religious leaders say things that people want to hear such as “God loves all people.” If God loved everyone, why is there a lake of fire? Why is there hell? Why is there so much hatred and sickness in the world? The world is under the power of Satan. You have trusted your soul in the hands of these maniacs and they have set up over thousands of religions to make money off of you.

In the end, billions of people are lost. They do not even know who God is. They do not even know what God wants. They do not even know the work of God. And people do not even know that they were born with the spirit of Satan. These men, these religious leaders, do not even know they were born with the spirit of Satan. They don’t even know how to get this bad spirit out of them. 

The true Prophet tells the people what the Bible is saying and he does not collect money and he knows who God is and what God wants and how to get the bad spirit out of you. If you want to know the truth be sincere and not phony.

No real minister is going to charge people or collect money for telling people the truth. The real Prophet tells the people the Truth and he never collects money. Jesus never did that either. Check out the website and hear the message from time to time.

Morgan Freeman is telling the people that he can help people know the story of God. Does he know the Truth of God himself? Does he know he was born with the spirit of Satan himself? Does he know who God is? How can he tell people what is right and what is wrong? Stop tricking the people and be real.